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CI-BOOK supports you in the consistent implementation of Corporate Design projects. Provide your partners with a tool they can use at any time, even during hectic periods and without design know-how, to create marketing documents quickly, simply and above all, error-free and conforming to the Style Guide.

Regardless, whether you would like to produce business cards, brochures, advertisements, company magazines or catalogs – with CI-BOOK you can easily reuse individual design modules or even entire campaigns. ZOONA, the current version of CI-BOOK, takes care of the administration and provision of all released advertising materials to your authorized advertising partners, such as e.g. sales partners, franchisees, subsidiaries or dealer networks. You can thus ensure that all of the files are available in the correct version, worldwide and around the clock, for quick and high-quality production, without high-resolution data having to be sent. There is no easier way to distribute your brand all over the world.


  • Cloud Service: no investments in hardware, reduced costs for update, maintenance and IT personnel
  • High cost savings due to the free choice of print shops
  • Central Web-to-Print platform for the integration of all parties involved (companies, agencies, print shops)
  • Reduction in processing costs of up to 30%


  • Reuse successfull print media (archiving, editing, ordering)
  • Subsidiaries, franchisees, dealers or sales departments are always up-to-date through marketing activities
  • Web-to-Print portal provides access to marketing material around the clock


  • Predefined set of rules prevents errors in text and picture editing
  • Quality assurance through release process with user rights management
  • Reporting of advertising efforts through central control
  • Administration and documentation
  • Job management through order workflow together with information (circulation, prices, print formats)


  • It is possible to adapt to your company’s Corporate Design at any time
  • Open and version-independent design templates
  • It is possible to order personalized advertising material at any time via the integrated OnlineShop
  • Layout library for flexible creation of multi-page print media
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Above all, working with CI-BOOK is meant to be easy and fun. In advertising departments people are working with little time and high quality demands. With CI-BOOK it is possible to quickly adapt and provide complex templates at any time and without great effort. Therefore, user-friendliness is a priority. The optimum workflow combined with a specifically developed Icon Navigation guarantees simple and safe handling.


  • The intuitive user interface allows the operator to make extensive layout changes within a short period of time, without having to read a manual.
  • All of the templates are provided on the web platform of CI-BOOK.
  • The self-explaining navigation makes it easy for you to select a template, open it in Editor, and edit it.
  • As soon as the editing is done, the template is submitted to production. Once learned, you can safely edit any template and beat every speed record while maintaining maximum quality.
  • After editing, the templates can be archived and reused for additional actions. A clever filter system facilitates the search for the needed templates.
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First, your advertising agency creates a sample document. This template will be broken down into modules and then uploaded to the CI-BOOK platform at the push of a button. The Workflow defines which user will have access to this template and which editing rights the user is granted.


It is very easy for a designer to edit the master templates. An intuitive interface and further extensive functions support users in configuring the templates. Here, they are supported by an efficient set of rules. Once the rules have been created they can be reused at the push of a button. The designer can change fonts, formatting, and link images directly without programming knowledge. The uploaded templates can be checked for completeness with an intelligent Pre-Flight-Check.


  • Describe the Upload Process
  • Supporting Tools


  • With the CI-BOOK set of rules an unlimited number of layout elements can be prepared for automation.
  • Rules that have been previously used can always be reused in an efficient manner.


  • Layout elements can be provided with roles and rights for editing. Per Drag and Drop you can specify what the user is allowed to do.


  • Based on rights, the layouts can be provided on the platform.


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The individualization of templates takes place online in the Editor. All of the released elements can be edited here in the so-called WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What You Get); this means that all changes are visible immediately. The intuitive user guide in CI-BOOK allows employees to create CI-conform advertising material without layout know-how.

The CI-BOOK editor is an excellent tool for the quick and simple editing of sophisticated templates. Editing is done in real time. In addition to simple text changes, extensive layout changes can also be processed quickly by anybody. The advantages at a glance:

  • Edit text without time-consuming formatting
  • No re-installation of fonts; the changes take place in the correct font
  • Replace pictures or multiple images with Drag and Drop
  • Automatic adaptation of text and content per CI guideline
  • Users do not have to make any design decisions, they will edit 100% CI-conform
  • Self-explaining user guide








Quality assurance is based on specific release cycles and editorial workflow; this will make it possible to re-verify all individualized documents before they are produced. Proposed corrections can be made within the template via notes function. The responsible employee will be notified of pending tasks via email.


  • Clearly defined role and group concept with maximum flexibility
  • Consistent principle of dual control
  • Tested standard release steps can be selected and used
  • Archive function for release steps


  • Configurable email distribution list for teams, partners or suppliers
  • Target group-specific information and distribution list
  • Passing on tasks to team members
  • Status information after update



The ordering process is initiated with the release, after which a print shop will get the order. If desired, the producer will be given direct access to the platform in order to download the requested documents directly. The print shop can indicate the current status of the order in CI-BOOK. Documents, including price information, can be reordered at any time by using the shopping cart.


A PDF print preview function can be generated at the push of a button. After release, the ordering process is initiated with a notification.


Decentralized units (e.g. franchisees) can individualize advertising material for your specific needs. The order can be placed via the print shop module. In addition to the required information for production, all of the costs for the order are centrally available.


Service providers, such as print shops, can be directly connected via the workflow cycle. Advantage: Users stay up-to-date on the status of their order. After the order is processed, the entire process is saved in the archive and thus documented.


  • Print preview PDF Preflight
  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Connect external service providers (print shops)
  • Automatic call for print service offers to predefined print shops
  • Archiving and documentation


Cross-media campaigns increase the effectiveness of your advertisement many times over. This, however, assumes the consistent continuation of the Corporate Design in all communication channels. With CI-BOOK you can reuse layout elements of your print products for the publication of digital documents. Thus, the product sheet becomes an interactive PDF for sending via email, the print becomes an interactive catalog, and the exposé becomes a profile for social networks…

The highlight: Programming is not necessary – the template is adapted automatically to the desired output format. Bring movement into your templates!


The created digital catalogs, brochures, flyers, coupons, vouchers and other documents can be shared directly via social networks, such as e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – independent of CI-BOOK.


Instead of pictures, also videos can be embedded into the documents. CI-BOOK combines the advantages of the printed product with the benefits of moving pictures to make your documents even more entertaining.

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For agencies and small companies that want to offer customers their own solution


For medium-sized firms that want to open up new sales markets


For international companies with numerous subsidiaries

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With the Cloud Service of CI-BOOK you combine first-class software with first-class support. Make use of the well-established software solutions and the sound knowledge of our developers. In conjunction with Cloud Services, you can combine additional functions and provide direct benefits to your partner without extensive programming effort.

  • No investments in expensive infrastructure
  • Up-to-datedness of all software components
  • Expansion by means of additional cloud services
  • Scalability of software and virtualized hardware
  • Professional back-up systems
  • High availability
  • Flexible service levels
  • Billing based on usage
  • High security standards
  • Fast and immediately visible project success

With the Cloud Services of CI-BOOK you combine first-class software with first-class support. We support you during all stages: from conception, proof-of-concept, developing specifications or requirement specifications, up to the implementation and quality assurance of your project. For this purpose, we access an extensive database containing already successfully implemented projects. This know-how is supplemented by an extensive network of experts and technology providers. We combine our passion with our knowledge: innovative software solutions add fun to the project and make people’s work easier.

Challenge us with new project ideas for the Cloud!

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Our Clients

ABSOLUT VODKA Absolut Vodka Case Study


The Swedish spirits manufacturer Absolut is not only known for their vodka, but also for their trendsetting accents in advertising and lifestyle. Since marketing plays an important role in strategic planning, Absolut was looking for a solution to tailor the high-quality advertising materials, such as posters, packaging and product information to local markets around the world.
It was particularly important to provide the marketing campaigns developed by leading creative agencies to dealers and sales people without compromises and within a short period of time. With CI-BOOK Unlimited, Absolut offers their dealers a global marketing platform that can be used to individualize and translate posters, brochures, and bar and bottle accessories, such as e.g. neck hangers up to the POS posters.
In addition to the Absolut Vodka brand, the Web-to-Print solution was adopted for the Kahlua brand, as well. This also secures the company a CI-conform presentation at the point of sale, directly at their customer’s premises all over the world.

DKSH Absolut Vodka Case Study


DKSH actively supports and assists companies and brands in expanding their businesses in existing markets and developing new markets. With 22,000 employees and 460 branches in Asia, Europe and America, DKSH offers its partners a high level of expertise and well-organized on-site logistics, with access to an extensive distribution network.   

DKSH wanted to offer its employees worldwide the ability to create print material that was as international as possible, while still complying with the Corporate Identity. The stated goal was to optimize the work steps in order to create significant cost and time savings and which could apply to every division from the group of companies. The international orientation requires the platform and the documents created on it to be designed in a multilingual format. An important prerequisite for the DKSH project management was designing the complete work process to be as simple as possible. In the end, the intuitive user interface was of prime importance in their decision to use ci-book Enterprise.


Engel & Völkers Absolut Vodka Case Study

Engel & Völkers

The Engel & Völkers Group leads the ranking of the German real-estate companies with more than 500 licensees, 400 residential real-estate shops and an annual sales volume of more than 146 million euros. Extending beyond its tightly knit network in Germany, the company is represented in almost every European country, as well as in South Africa, Asia and America. Engel & Völkers was looking for a central web-based platform that would enable regional licensees to individualize their promotional materials and advertisements on a local level.

An important prerequisite for the project managers at Engel & Völkers was being able to perform the complete work process with the Web-to-Print portal: from importing the print templates to having them personalized by the master license partner, up to delivering the print data to the printer via PrintShop.

They decided on ci-book Unlimited because our solution – based on the current Adobe technology – could be integrated and modularly adjusted to the various international requirements without technical difficulties. In addition, it was simple to integrate into the existing Engel & Völkers company portal. 




infill healthcare communication is an innovative consulting and service agency in the healthcare sector that assists well-known customers, such as Böhringer Ingelheim, Bayer AG, Abbott, Orion and many others throughout Europe. The services include strategy and communications consulting, as well as services for Web 2.0. tools.

The international healthcare agency infill Kommunikation GmbH was looking for a system to standardize the customizing and translation process for marketing and business documents for a renowned German company from the pharmaceutical sector. For the project managers it was important that the agency was able to adapt to the user interface and structure of the Web-to-Print portal, to the exact needs of the customer.

With the newly developed API of the Web-to-Print system ci-book Enterprise, the IT experts and web designers at infill Kommunikation GmbH were able to independently tailor workflows, management and translation processes to the needs of their customers. At the same time, infill is the responsible healthcare agency and retains control over the content on the Web-to-Print portal. By providing the option of uploading templates based on native InDesign data to ci-book™, infill Kommunikation GmbH is fully independent from any adjustments or programming services by the ci-book Support Team.

In the opinion of Mr. Ingo Barmsen, the Managing Director of infill Kommunikation GmbH, the key factor in the decision to introduce ci-book for customers from the healthcare sector was the need to ensure competitive advantages for the future: 

“In times where international pharmaceutical marketing is increasingly focused on ‘global branding’ and ‘shorter time to market’, while reducing global marketing costs at the same time, ‘Web-to-Print’ is the right answer. Going forward, we expect that more international pharmaceutical companies will take this step.”

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This video illustrates how predefined paragraph or font styles can be used for each text. Various text formatting styles can be allowed at the same time, depending on the specifications. The result: complete flexibility while never using the wrong fonts and styles again! 


LAYOUTS Absolut Vodka


This video illustrates how you can work with the layout library. The layout library is a list of ready-made layout variants with editable graphic and text elements which can be inserted into pages of the template as an alternative. This enables multi-page documents, for instance brochures, to be assembled individually and flexibly by using a modular system – without compromising the Corporate Identity.




This video illustrates how a section of a picture can be precisely selected with the integrated cropping tool.A DPI check of the minimum resolution can be set in order to ensure the print quality. The system can also convert images from RGB to CMYK.


TEXT LENGHT Absolut Vodka


Web to Print with ci-book™ allows text length to be adjusted within text blocks and line spacing to be adjusted in combination with variable text styles. Unnecessary line breaks and text overflow have become a thing of the past.




This video illustrates how a new page can be assembled using layout building blocks from a library. Depending on the set of rules, these building blocks can be positioned anywhere. Particularly successful building blocks can therefore be used over and over again. There isn’t a more spontaneous way to create a high-quality layout.





This video illustrates the dynamic overflow control in the Web-to-Print solution ci-book. If the entered text becomes too long, the user receives direct visual feedback – which is so accurate that a PDF preview does not have to be generated.  





In addition to the vertical input and the presentation of text, ci-book™ is also able to display texts diagonally or in a circular shape, or in any other layout element. The editing can be adapted depending on your preference.




This video illustrates how Corporate Identity rules (design guidelines) can be implemented specifically for various media. It includes questions such as: How does the size of the ad change in relation to the text? What happens with the flow text when the headline has two lines?


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9.2. If the customer has amended the product supplied by us or integrated it into a system or if we have designed the product according to instructions from the customer in such a way that breaches of protection rights result therefrom, the customer shall be obliged to defend us or indemnify us against claims of the owner of the breached right.

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Developer The graphic user interface is a unique selling point of ci-book.
Marketing Manager How does it work?
Developer The structure of the templates and its typographic details are extracted into a database. Based on this information, a flex interface is created in a J2EE environment via the JBOSS Application Server that makes the document available in real view to the client for processing via a browser interface.
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Developer Magic.
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